About Enrollment Management Analytics

Enrollment Management Analytics (EMA) provides critical data analysis, complex reporting functions, and recommendations to campus leadership, allowing them to make informed data-driven decisions for the essential functions of enrollment management: Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarships, and Office of the University Registrar. We also ensure data integrity, quality control and maintenance in all aspects of our work.

EMA leads the selection process for Undergraduate Admissions to meet campus and UC systemwide enrollment goals and initiatives. We provide timely analysis and advice to campus leaders about emergent issues that may affect recruitment, enrollment, retention, various student services and other critical campus operational areas. We also provide automated daily reports to Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid and Scholarships to help meet their operational needs.

In addition to working with the enrollment management units, EMA works closely with the Office of the Chancellor and Provost, Undergraduate Education, Budget and Institutional Analysis, the Committee on Admissions and Enrollment, Student Affairs, and other areas throughout the campus.